Compose bought a High Speed Machining centre, Huron KX30

It enables to machine in 3 axis medium-sized blocks: X = 1800 mm, Y = 1000 mm, Z = 550 mm. This new machine increases Compose's machining capabilities. The HSM is already into service. 


During the JEC 2013, Compose showcased its latest development on its booth: a rotative thermoforming & welding tool 

used to manufacture a thermoplastic composite car suspension arm.


Compose will attend the  8th International Symposium RTM & Infusion organised by PPE - 06 & 07 February 2013 - St Avold - France

Compose will be a speaker at the Symposium on 07 February 2013 : "An approach to automate RTM production line - Case study for aeronautic and boat building parts."

For further information, visit PPE's website.

At the JEC Americas 2012, Compose showcased a fully automated RTM production line for an aerospace application.

This line was designed and made by Compose and its partners, Isojet and Pinette Emidecau. It allows to:

  • increase the production rate. In this case, our customer wants to reach a challenging goal of 100,000 parts/year.
  • monitor, control and record the production parameters for each part and therefore improve the production quality
  • reduce production costs

The RTM production line includes the:

  • RTM mould
  • Press
  • Injection and venting systems
  • Robot
  • Preparing station
  • Transfer system