Part Design

Simulations / Analysis

We carry on simulations and analysis:

  • material strength (to choose the appropriate materials and lighten tools)
  • thermal (to design and proportion sources and choose the appropriate materials)
  • RTM injection (venting, filling time, injection pressure...)

We believe that simulations and analysis are key factors in an industrial approach which allow :

  • saving time and money
  • understanding and repeating the process
  • achieving our target at the first try-out

Part Design & Development

Whatever the composite or thermoplastic procjet is, we can our offer service from the part design. Based on your specs, your technical and economical constraints, we offer innovative design solutions:

  • Part lightening
  • Design: combination between aesthetics & technical properties
  • Integration of functions : easier assembly, better finishing
  • Mechanical & resistance properties, shapes are optimised
  • Lower references to be stored
  • Lower energy cost
  • Lower investments cost
  • Lower operating cost

To propose bespoke solutions which meets your needs, we carry on:

  • Feasability studies
  • Technical studies/design: dimensions, CAD, optimization
  • Functional prototypes