A SMC sheet is a premix of chopped fibres and resin between two thermoplastic films. Sold ready to mouldSMC sheet is cut and put on the bottom part of the tool. When the tool closes, both SMC sheets are at a pressure (from 35 to 85 bars) at a high temperature (from 120°C to 160°C). As the product viscosity lowers, the material fills the tool cavity where it cures.The tool opens and the part is released. This is a high volume production process.


  • Large parts
  • Short cycle time
  • Good mechanical and thermal properties
  • High volume production


It allows to make class A surface finish (both sides), complex and large parts such as Automotive Body Panel, Industrial Vehicles.


BMC is a high-speed production process which is suitable for high-volume production.

Process Description 

BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) is a semi-product. A press quickly injects BMC at a high pressure (from 150 to 180 bars) into a closed heated tool (from 150°C to 160°C). This process benefits from a high volume production ability. It is is a high-speed production process. However, this process needs high investments.


  • BMC is suitable to make complex and Class A surface finish parts (Both sides)