To validate our design, we make composites, polystyrene and multi-material prototypes.


Rubber compression is an economical process to mould rubber parts

Process Description:

A precut or shaped uncured rubber is put into the mould cavity. The mould closes. Due to the pressure and the temperature the rubber flows into the cavity. Once the rubber is cured, the mould open and the part is released


  • Suitable for low production volume
  • Material saving
  • Suitable to mould thick parts


Rubber Transfer is another moulding process used.

Process Description:

The uncured rubber is placed into the mould pot transfer. The mould and press are closed. Due to the pressure, the rubber is tranfered to the tool cavity through the sprue. Once the rubber is cured, the mould opens and the part is released.


  • Shorter cycle time than compression process
  • No precut of shaped rubber
  • Suitable to mould embedded insert part
  • Less flash than compression process