Injection is a technology widely used to make various plastic parts from automotive, aerospace, construction...

Process description:

Injection moulding is the process of injecting molten thermoplastic polymer into a cavity of in metallic mould tool. When the material has cooled down, the mould opens at the parting line and the part is ejected.

We are expert in the design and manufacture of injection mould up to 135 tons.


High Performance Injection Moulding

Used in high-tech industries, high-performance materials are meant to resist to harsh environment. Usually, they are easy to process and have great mechanical and chemical properties. It is used in medical, aerospace, automotive electricity and chemical industries. Carbon fibres can be added to the PEEK which increases part resistance and stiffness.

Process Description

Thermoplastic resin filled with carbon is injected into the tool cavity as in traditional injection moulding.

The moulded part has similar mechanical properties that a epoxy-carbon part.

This process allow to get more complex shaped parts than with RTM.

The production rate is close to the one of the traditional injection.